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Installing a Printer

The preferred method to add a printer in Sabayon Linux is to use the CUPS administration page. Most Sabayon Linux spins contain CUPS as part of the standard installation. To add a printer:

  • Open a browser and enter the following into the address bar: http://localhost:631
  • Under CUPS for Administrators select Adding Printers and Classes (Fig. 1)
You may be prompted for a username and password. If you wish to install the printer for all users on the system, please enter the username root and the root password. Otherwise enter your standard username/password combination.
  • Under Printers, choose Add Printer (Fig. 2)
  • Select your appropriate printer from the list provided and click Continue (Fig. 3)
  • Provide a printer name, description and location to help identify this printer. Optionally you may also choose to share this printer on your network. Press Continue (Fig. 4)
  • Verify the identification information you have chosen, then select the manufacturer (Make) of your printer and click Continue. (Fig. 5)
  • Select the specific model of your printer and click on Add Printer. (Fig. 6)
If you do not see your model listed, please follow the steps below to download the correct PPD File
  • Depending on your printer, you may be presented with various options that are available to your printer. Please refer to your printer's user manual on customizing these options.

Downloading PPD Files

If for some reason, your printer is not listed as a make/model during the standard adding of a printer, all is not lost. We can also try to find the required drivers. Many manufactures provide the drivers from their websites so that should be a first stop, if you don't have any luck there, or can't find the format that you need, you can also download drivers from the CUPS system. (Requires internet connection.)

  • From the main CUPS page (Fig 1.) choose Find Printer Drivers.
  • From the Drivers page (Fig 7.) search for the manufacturer of your printer, you will then receive a list of models that have drivers available for download.
  • Select your model.
  • Click on the link next to PPD Path. This should download the required file.
  • Follow the steps above to install a printer.
  • When you are asked to select the Make of your printer, click on Choose File.
  • Select the ppd.gz file that you downloaded, and click Open.
  • Click Add Printer.