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About Equo

Equo in Action

Equo is the command line client side application for the Entropy system. It is capable of installing, removing and updating packages, resolving dependences, reverse dependency handling and configuration file handling and that's just to start with.

Installing Equo

Equo is part of the Entropy package, To install equo follow the instructions on installing entropy available on the Entropy page

Using Equo

For more information see the En:List_Of_Equo_Functions main entry

For a complete list of available commands with full descriptions:

# equo --help

Updating package repository

To update the package repository to the latest versions use this command:

# equo update

Updating your system

To update all your packages to the latest available versions use this command:

# equo upgrade --ask

Finding Packages

Searching for a package can be accomplished by running the equo search command:

# equo search <package name>

Note that you can use the --verbose flag in order to get more information about the packages; such as USE flags, CFLAGS, keywords, etc. This also works for match

Installing Packages

To install a package use the install function, the --ask amendment is optional but recommended.

# equo install <package> --ask

Removing Packages

To remove a package use the remove function as shown below:

# equo remove <package>

Cleanup downloaded packages

Every now and then you want to cleanup the packages that Entropy downloaded. Once installed the downloaded packages can be removed:

# equo cleanup