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Editing Guidelines: A guide to making decent, working wiki articles.

Work in Progress
- That is for sure lol.


  • Make decent articles; and make them worthwhile. Meaning that if you don't see any use for it; don't put it here.
  • Make sure that ALL the information in your articles are correct. I don't care if you have to run through the steps yourself; if the information isn't correct then chances are that it will be edited to be corrected or even worse, deleted.
  • Use the correct code for the correct type of line.

<syntaxhighlight lang="'"`UNIQ--pre-00000000-QINU`"'" enclose="none">Python</syntaxhighlight> {{Code|Insert Name of Code here|<pre class="clear"> (Insert code here) </pre>}} To get the above shown box.

File: /etc/X11/xorg.conf
# **********************************************************************
# Screen sections.
# **********************************************************************

Section "Screen"

# The Identifier, Device and Monitor lines must be present

    Identifier	"Screen 1"
    Device	"VESA"
    Monitor	"Generic Monitor"
    Option 	"AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true"

{{File| (Name of File)| <pre class="clear"> (File Contents) </pre>}} tag for this file box. Use this box for the contents of files.

# emerge --sync

Use space ' ' (without quotes) before command, for console input/output. This form is advised, since it has nicer formatting. If for some reason making space before every line of code can't be used, or there's need to use newline without code, you still can use:

 # emerge --sync

Use {{Console| <pre class="clear"> (console commands & info) </pre>}} for console input/output.

And remember to close each tag with a </pre> tag. Because if you don't then all of your text will end up in one big box.

  • Use the {{Commandgui|<highlighted word>}} for highlighting keywords such as things like <highlighted word> that need to be looked for in a dialog box.
<Insert Warning Here>
  • If you have warnings such as "May break your system" or "Use with caution" then use the {{Warning| <Insert Warning Here>}}
Insert Note Here
  • If you have a note such as "Emerge --sync your portage before doing this step" or "May give more than what you need in packages" then use the {{Note| Insert Note Here}} template.
For more information see the Main_Page main entry
  • In case an entry is covered extensively on another place, please, use {{Main|Main_Page}} template.

  • Please don't spam. If you spam we will block you and your IP. No exceptions.
  • Keep your articles simple. Don't include useless crap. Just what needs to be there. However if you need to post something like the output of lspci or something long use a scrollbar box by using one of the three templates shown above.
  • If you notice spam article, delete it's whole content and put: "{{delete}}" (without quotes) to let page be shown in place for deletion.
  • If you could, go through and cleanup really useless articles., and put outdated articles in the Wiki-archive on the main page. Thanks for contributing to the Sabayon Project!