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What are community Repositories

Community Repositories are user-managed packages repositories, users can recompile packages with different settings, add their own ones and make all available to other people. Repository publishers are responsible of how a package is compiled and what is compiled.

Adding and Using A Community Repository

To start using a community repository to install packages we need to add its identification string to

/etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/<community repository>

ID strings can be found in the repository information section under the relevant repositories name.

Next sync your repositories by running:

# equo update

or click "update repositories" under the repositories tab in Spritz.


This Repo is no longer used

For instance to add our internal testing repository string (Jenna Repository) you just need to add this line to your /etc/entropy/repositories.conf:

# repository|jenna|Sabayon Linux Bitch Repository|http://svn.sabayonlinux.org/entropy%7Chttp://svn.sabayonlinux.org/entropy#bz2


Once installed the packages will be available through Spritz and Equo and can be installed as though they were in the main repository. If an updated package is contained within a repository you will be notified by the Sabayon update applet.

List of Community Repositories

List of Sabayon Linux Community Repositories
Repository Name Arch Description Maintainer
Zenana amd64 Contains: some stuff I thought looked interesting, patched KDE, KDE improvements, newer multimedia and the best from the various gentoo overlays. It also contains some updated builds from portage that have yet to make it into the main repo. Thev00d00
Naendo x86 & amd64 Contains: KDE 4.2 RC, LXDE SVN, E17 SVN, Firefox 3.1, Songbird And more! Joost_op & Thev00d00

Repository Information


repository = <repositroy id>|<description>|<uri repository location>|<url repository location>



'This Repo is no longer supported or Maintained. You can use it at your own risk however


Repository String

repository|zenana|Zenana x86-64|http://entropy.hyperfish.org%7Chttp://entropy.hyperfish.org#bz2#2323,2424



'This Repo is no longer supported or Maintained. You can use it at your own risk however


Forum Thread: http://forum.sabayonlinux.org/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=15855

Repository String

repository|naendo|Naendo Community Repo|http://entropy.hyperfish.org%7Chttp://entropy.hyperfish.org#bz2#2323,2424


Setting up your Own

For more information see the En:HOWTO: Set Up A Community Repository main entry
For more information see the Equo (Community Functions) main entry