Compiz Fusion Video Card List

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Please feel free to edit to add your card so we can have a running list of video cards that are using Compiz-Fusion

So far we have this:


    x300 - IBM T43
    FireGL V5200
    Mobility FireGL V3200
    Mobility Radeon 7500
    Mobility Radeon X300
    Mobility Radeon X600
    Mobility Radeon X700
    Mobility Radeon X1300
    Mobility Radeon X1400
    Mobility Radeon X1600
    Radeon HD 3200 (with proprietary driver from
    Radeon Xpress 200 M
    Radeon Xpress 1100 IGP
    Radeon 9550
    Radeon 9600
    Radeon X300
    Radeon X850 XT
    Radeon X1400
    Radeon X1650
    Radeon X1800
    Radeon X1950 XT
    Intel 945G
    Intel GMA950
    Quadro FX 570 M
    GeForce 2 MX 400
    GeForce 4 Ti 4200
    GeForce FX 5200
    GeForce FX 5500
    GeForce FX 5600
    GeForce FX 5900 SE
    GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
    GeForce 6100
    GeForce 6150
    GeForce 6150 LE
    GeForce 6600
    GeForce 6600 GT
    MSI NX6600-TD128E
    GeForce 6800 Go
    GeForce 6800 XT
    GeForce 6800 GT
    GeForce 7050 / nForce 630A MCP ALiveNF7G-HDready (ASRocK)
    GeForce 7200 Go
    GeForce 7200 GS
    GeForce 7300 M GT
    GeForce 7400
    GeForce 7600 GT
    GeForce 7800 GS
    GeForce 7800 GT
    Dell Nvidia laptop pcie 7800 GTX
    Dell Nvidia laptop pcie 7900 GS
    GeForce 7900 GT
    XFX 7900 GT 370/685
    Dell Nvidia laptop pcie 7950 GTX
    Asus GeForce 8500 GT
    GeForce 8500 GT
    GeForce 8600
    GeForce 8800 GT
    GeForce 8800 GTS
    GeForce 8600 M GT

Not Working

    FireGL V5200
    ATI Rage 128's
    Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP
    AIW Radeon 8500DV
    Radeon X700
    Sapphire Radeon GTO2 (X800)
    Radeon X850
    Sapphire X1050
    Radeon Xpress 1100
    Radeon X1250
    Radeon X1300
    Radeon X1700
    GeForce MX 4000

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