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What are community Repositories

Community Repositories are user-managed packages repositories, users can recompile packages with different settings, add their own ones and make all available to other people. Repository publishers are responsible of how a package is compiled and what is compiled.

Adding and Using A Community Repository

To start using a community repository to install packages we need to add its configuration file to

/etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/<community repository>

Next sync your repositories by running:

# equo up


Once installed the packages will be available through Rigo and Equo and can be installed as though they were in the main repository. If an updated package is contained within a repository you will be notified by the Sabayon update applet.

List of Community Repositories

List of Sabayon Linux Community Repositories
Repository Name Arch Description Maintainer
Nirvana amd64 Contains: some packages that are not accepted in the mainline because their ebuild is low-quality or too hard to maintain. Danilo Pianini (DanySK)
Sabayon Frozen 13.11 amd64 armv6l armv7l x86 Contains: a snapshot of the official repository taken in 2013-11-01 Danilo Pianini (DanySK)
Spike-Pentest amd64x86 Contains: Extra Security packages From Pentoo,and others found,on the internet for auditing system security. "mudler" "skullbocks" Project leads, Researcher and assistant "Necrose99" (Michael R. Lawrence) (Sabayon-zoro now merging with spike)
Sihnon amd64 armv6l Contains: version-bumped or modified packages already present in the upstream repositories, packages available in Gentoo but not Sabayon, and locally-developed software; mostly of the sysadmin variety. Feel free to add these if any of the packages inside might be of use, but please be aware they are provided as-is with no guarantees. Ben Roberts

Repository Information



News about Nirvana are posted on the maintainer blog.


Repository Config File

Nirvana config file

Sabayon Frozen


News about Sabayon Frozen are posted on the maintainer blog.


Repository Config File





You will need to manually configure repo/s you wish to use (necrose99 Figured this be of use for fellow network system admins...) [[6]http://pkg.sihnon.net/entropy/] Current working mirror.


Setting up your Own

For more information see the En:HOWTO: Set Up A Community Repository main entry
For more information see the Equo (Community Functions) main entry