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Wikipedia's explanation

Anaconda is the installer for Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core. It is written in Python and C, with a graphical frontend using PyGTK and a text frontend using python-newt. A kickstart file can be used to automatically configure the installation, allowing users to run it with minimal supervision.

Anacondas are lizard-eating pythons, and the SuSE logo is a lizard, hence the choice of naming.

Sabayon Linux's explanation

(by Laura)

Sabayon's own variety of Anaconda is not the same as the one developed and used by Fedora, it is more similar to the one used by Vidalinux. In addition Sabayon's Anaconda has several essential changes that make it easy to install your Sabayon Linux System.

At present Sabayon uses Anaconda to install itself on hard disc / drive.

Interesting notes:

  • Sabayon Linux's Anaconda will continue to be customized and specialized in order to make your Sabayon installation experience easier and more enjoyable.