Enable/disable XGL or AIGLX after Install

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The notes below may or may not remain valid for Sabayon version 3.2 and higher but there is an easier way when the full version of Sabayon 3.2 DVD is installed.

To enable or disable XGL or AIGLX after the OS is installed, simply navigate through the main menu to 'Settings. Once the 'Settings' menu opens up, you will see a tab to launch the Acceleration Manager. Choose the option you want.

             **** These instructions assumes access to the main menu.****
        • The 'sabayon' overlay no longer exists. Please suggest a new howto. This one is obsolete. ****

The final step is to either reboot the machine or restart the display server by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.

Hope this helps.


I've written one small application and two shell helpers to easily enable/disable XGL or AIGLX after Install. SabayonLinux >= 3.1 (included miniEditions) are supported. Run the shell apps above as root.

Install desktop-acceleration-helpers (shell tools)

layman -s sabayon
emerge desktop-acceleration-helpers

Enable XGL:

/sbin/xgl-setup enable

Disable XGL:

/sbin/xgl-setup disable

Enable AIGLX:

/sbin/aiglx-setup enable

Disable AIGLX:

/sbin/aiglx-setup disable

The Graphical way:

layman -s sabayon
emerge accel-manager

Start accel-manager:



Chris Vecchitto